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The 12th International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing

ISSN 2308-975X (Online)

Editors: Slim Ouni, Frédéric Berthomier and Alexandra Jesse
Publisher: Inria
August 29 - September 1, 2013, Annecy, France.


KN1 − Keynote 1: Embodied Language Learning with the Humanoid Robot iCub
Angelo Cangelosi
KN2 − Keynote 2: Audiovisual speech integration: Modulatory factors and the link to sound symbolism
Charles Spence

1 − Who Presents Worst? A Study on Expressions of Negative Feedback in Different Intergroup Contexts
Mandy Visser, Emiel Krahmer and Marc Swerts

2 − Audio-Visual Speaker Conversion using Prosody Features
Adela Barbulescu, Thomas Hueber, Gerard Bailly and Remi Ronfard

3 − Spontaneous synchronisation between repetitive speech and rhythmic gesture
Gregory Zelic, Jeesun Kim and Christopher Davis

4 − Culture and nonverbal cues: How does power distance influence facial expressions in game contexts?
Phoebe Mui, Martijn Goudbeek, Marc Swerts and Per van der Wijst

5 − Predicting head motion from prosodic and linguistic features
Angelika Hönemann, Hansjörg Mixdorff, Diego Evin, Alejandro J. Hadad and Sascha Fagel

6 − Visual Control of Hidden-Semi-Markov-Model based Acoustic Speech Synthesis
Jakob Hollenstein, Michael Pucher and Dietmar Schabus

7 − Objective and Subjective Feature Evaluation for Speaker-Adaptive Visual Speech Synthesis
Dietmar Schabus, Michael Pucher and Gregor Hofer

8 − Audio-visual Interaction in Sparse Representation Features for Noise Robust Audio-visual Speech Recognition
Peng Shen, Satoshi Tamura and Satoru Hayamizu

9 − Assessing the Visual Speech Perception of Sampled-Based Talking Heads
Paula Costa and José Mario De Martino

10 − Speech animation using electromagnetic articulography as motion capture data
Ingmar Steiner, Korin Richmond and Slim Ouni

11 − Phonetic information in audiovisual speech is more important for adults than for infants; preliminary findings.
Martijn Baart, Jean Vroomen, Kathleen Shaw and Heather Bortfeld

12 − Audiovisual speech perception in children with autism spectrum disorders and typical controls
Julia Irwin and Lawrence Brancazio

13 − Looking for the bouba-kiki effect in prelexical infants
Mathilde Fort, Alexa Weiß, Alexander Martin and Sharon Peperkamp

14 − Audiovisual Speech Perception in Children and Adolescents With Developmental Dyslexia: No Deficit With McGurk Stimuli
Margriet Groen and Alexandra Jesse

15 − Effects of forensically-realistic facial concealment on auditory-visual consonant recognition in quiet and noise conditions
Natalie Fecher and Dominic Watt

16 − Impact of Cued Speech on audio-visual speech integration in deaf and hearing adults
Clemence Bayard, Cécile Colin and Jacqueline Leybaert

17 − Acoustic and visual adaptations in speech produced to counter adverse listening conditions
Valerie Hazan and Jeesun Kim

18 − Role of audiovisual plasticity in speech recovery after adult cochlear implantation
Pascal Barone, Kuzma Strelnikov and Olivier Déguine

19 − Auditory and Auditory-Visual Lombard Speech Perception by Younger and Older Adults
Michael Fitzpatrick, Jeesun Kim and Chris Davis

20 − Integration of Acoustic and Visual Cues in Prominence Perception
Hansjörg Mixdorff, Angelika Hönemann and Sascha Fagel

21 − Detecting auditory-visual speech synchrony: how precise?
Chris Davis and Jeesun Kim

22 − How far out? The effect of peripheral visual speech on speech perception
Jeesun Kim and Chris Davis

23 − Temporal integration for live conversational speech
Ragnhild Eg and Dawn Behne

24 − Mixing faces and voices: a study of the influence of faces and voices on audiovisual intelligibility
Jérémy Miranda and Slim Ouni

25 − The touch of your lips: haptic information speeds up auditory speech processing
Avril Treille, Camille Cordeboeuf, Coriandre Vilain and Marc Sato

26 − Data and simulations about audiovisual asynchrony and predictability in speech perception
Jean-Luc Schwartz and Christophe Savariaux

27 − The effect of musical aptitude on the integration of audiovisual speech and non-speech signals in children
Kaisa Tiippana, Kaupo Viitanen and Riia Kivimäki

28 − The sight of your tongue: neural correlates of audio-lingual speech perception
Avril Treille, Coriandre Vilain, Thomas Hueber, Jean-Luc Schwartz, Laurent Lamalle and Marc Sato

29 − Visual Front-End Wars: Viola-Jones Face Detector vs Fourier Lucas-Kanade
Shahram Kalantari, Rajitha Navarathna, David Dean and Sridha Sridharan

30 − Aspects of co-occurring syllables and head nods in spontaneous dialogue
Simon Alexanderson, David House and Jonas Beskow

31 − Avatar User Interfaces in an OSGi-based System for Health Care Services
Sascha Fagel, Andreas Hilbert, Christopher Mayer, Martin Morandell, Matthias Gira and Martin Petzold

32 − Automatic Feature Selection for Acoustic-Visual Concatenative Speech Synthesis: Towards a Perceptual Objective Measure
Utpala Musti, Vincent Colotte, Slim Ouni, Caroline Lavecchia, Brigitte Wrobel-Dautcourt and Marie-Odile Berger

33 − Modulating fusion in the McGurk effect by binding processes and contextual noise
Olha Nahorna, Ganesh Attigodu Chandrashekara, Frédéric Berthommier and Jean Luc Schwartz

34 − Visual Voice Activity Detection at different Speeds
Bart Joosten, Eric Postma and Emiel Krahmer

35 − GMM Mapping Of Visual Features of Cued Speech With Speech Spectral Features
Denis Beautemps, Zuheng Ming and Gang Feng

36 − Confusion Modelling for Automated Lip-Reading using Weighted Finite-State Transducers
Dominic Howell, Stephen Cox and Barry-John Theobald

37 − Transforming Neutral Visual Speech into Expressive Visual Speech
Felix Shaw and Barry-John Theobald

38 − Differences in the audio-visual detection of word prominence from Japanese and English speakers
Martin Heckmann, Keisuke Nakamura and Kazuhiro Nakadai

39 − Speaker Separation using Visually-derived Binary Masks
Faheem Khan and Ben Milner

40 − Improvement of Lipreading Performance Using Discriminative Feature and Speaker Adaptation
Takumi Seko, Naoya Ukai, Satoshi Tamura and Satoru Hayamizu

41 − Efficient Face Model for Lip Reading
Takeshi Saitoh

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